Anne Aufderheide

“I’m a potter and used to working in clay. In  pottery, fire vitrifies clay. In metalsmithing, fire softens metal so you can manipulate it. Working in metal is a whole  different experience,  a whole new set of tools and properties."

|| etched copper ginkgo leaf pin, soldered wire, flame rainbow patina
|| sterling silver earrings with bezel-set white lightening stone

Jim Boyd

“I like making gifts. I like the smile on people’s faces when I give it away. You never know what it’s going to look like until you come up with it."

|| sterling and wire pin, unknown stone, and fossilized wood
|| sterling bezel necklace, rolled copper texture, Mexican opal


Amy Durler

“I like the organic, wonky, weathered, oxidized stuff. I don't like it clean and fresh. I always wanted to go to art school but didn't because I went to nursing school. I found the best of both worlds because I work neonatal and I come here to the studio. I can't stop coming here."

|| prehnite bullet stone ring with hammered concrete texture
|| larimar stone silver ring with hammered concrete texture
|| faceted labradorite necklace with textured silver bezel


Sue Frenzel

"I am always inspired by the nature around me."

|| cloissonne enamel with cast botanicals
|| Limoge enamel on copper animal broaches


Todd Kubanek

“I’ve been a rock hound since I’ve been a kid. I love the colors and
 things that nature has created. I’m just trying to elaborate on that.”

|| lost wax casted sterling silver ring with channel set rubies
|| sterling silver plate ring with bezel set aquamarine cabochon

Todd Kubanek Ring.jpg

Karen Locher

"As technology takes over our lives, I think it's important
 that we stay in touch with the natural world. "

|| Ancient Bronze & Opal Ring - lost wax botanical casting-vines,
   cedar pods & twig, ancient bronze & sterling silver
|| Pink Chrysanthemum Pendant - sterling silver and enamel cloisonné  with 14k gold leaf


Sue Olenchek

“I like to elevate the ordinary."

|| bracelet with antique pieces from English primary school
   including ivory and slate letters, die, and compass
|| bracelet with antique typewriter keys
|| bracelet with cut billiard balls


Carol Panek

“I don't like to repeat. I like to do something different every time."

|| dinosaur bone necklace with casted silver twig
|| carnelian ring with satin finish
|| rusty washer and old nails
|| amber brooch

Elaine Stephenson

“I have a life-long love of making things. The community
and camaraderie here is unbelievable. It saved my life."

|| resin-impregnated sea urchin necklace with silver bezel and  copper wire
|| typewriter key earrings
|| found object necklace including antique die, "Upper Peninsula" 
   license plate, billiard ball, "1/3 lemon" piece of glass


Donna Wallner

“I can't grow my own flowers so I have to make them."

|| copper orchids, riveted,  soldered, and hand-painted with alcohol inks
|| copper angel, riveted, soldered, and hand-painted with alcohol inks